Our history tale begins from courage, goes through love, and returns back to courage again. Thanks to his devotion and the contribution of the most valid craftsmen in the region, its founder Mr Haissam el Zein,sublimate in his sofas and blinds his love for this job

Indoor Products

Haissam's Gallery provides the most comprehensive range of internal blinds and fabrics

Show Room

we proudly present our photographic show room of indoor blinds, external solutions and furnishings that our team has designed

Contact Us

Address : Haret Saida, Army Street
Telfax : +961 7755051 , mob : +961 70847060
email : info@haissamsgallery.com

Outdoor Solutions

For screens, awnings or retractable sunroofs, Haissam's Gallery provides advanced, beautiful and practical solutions

Home Furnishings

Beautiful furniture that ranges in design from traditional to contemporary. We have a range of Profile Furniture in store, or you can order in a custom fabric.

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